Thursday, July 29, 2010

Made it in Australia? Sell it on "Made It"

Over the last few weeks I've found a revolation in selling your craft... "Made It"... I love it, and I want to spread the love by getting some of the beautiful designs & hand crafted goods out and into your lives.

Each few weeks I'm going to post some of the best and most interesting pieces from the site and I encourgae you to click on the links and explore futhure. I have decided myself to support these local talented artisits by buying most of my gifts on line via Made It. The jewlery is stunning, the clothes made with love and care, the doggy treats are so cool I think my dog may end up more spoilt than she is now, and everything in between there is just inspirational.

ONE>Ingred Necklace- Vintage Mustard

$45 by Osier, Laser cut frame pendant with vintage 60's fabric insert. blog@

TWO> Pocket of Posies A-Line Skirt$65 by 5starbaby, Stretch denim with cotton feature fabric panel, sizes 10,12,14

Three> Swing Tags x4 Vintage storybook-School Fun!$12 by totallyinnocent, hand made and stitched swing tags

Get in and see some beautiful wonderful original art!



  1. thankyou kindly for featuring my skirt Clare!!
    was just reading the post about Barwon Heads also, I am in Ocean Grove, so it's always nice to have something local boasted about!!
    Katie xx

  2. thankyou so much for the shout out. I really appreciateit. Lou from totally innocent x