Friday, July 16, 2010

Craft Blogs? Wow, Yeah!

I've been doing a lot of surfing the web and I've been focused on Blogs. Being new to blogging, I'm looking to see what works, what gems people have to say and sell, and what makes you want to follow a blog... I've come across a beautiful range of craft blogs! These are hosted by passionate, exciting, self motivated, talented people who have something to show the world. One I'd like to share with you is "Easily Distracted" run by Shell in Brisbane, which talks about scrapbooking and craft. Not only is it beautiful set out it is gorgeously enthusiastic and simple. She has plenty of links and challenges with great photo's of her work. If you like a good read and you like art/design/craft I'd defiantly get onto this blog. It is lovely!


  1. Hi Clare
    Thank you so much for this huge compliment. Im so very flattered. You have made my week.
    Im so glad that you enjoyed my blog.
    Thanks for helping spread the love I really appreciate it.
    Shell x

  2. Thank you Shell, I meant every word! I just love your blog!
    X Clare