Monday, June 21, 2010

Victoria-What art inspiration can you find? INTRODUCTION!!!

I’ll say it straight up, I’ve lived in Victoria for 85% of my 27 years and therefore I’ve had the time to explore and appreciated it. What I aim to do in this FIRST post of Design & Life & everything in between is let you in on some of the coolest & most random thoughts and images from this great state.  For perspective I have also lived in the UK, travelled western Europe as a teenager, seen some of Asia (although not enough), and done Australia inside and out and still don’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface.  So I’m saying I’ve seen a bit to compare the Victorian art/design landscape too, and I’m still constantly surprised with what this state has to offer.

DSC00132 A street in Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria… every post is an art gallery…

What’s my cred to be able to talk about this? Like I said, 85% of 27 years in Victoria. I’ve live in Geelong, the surf coast, a short stint on the Great Ocean Road, Ballarat, Melbourne (Brunswick, Coburg), and camped everywhere the signs said we could.  I’m a Graphic Designer, Automotive Designer, Trend Analyst, Illustrator, Amateur Photographer and all-round crafty arty person.

There is a few different outstanding categories to investigate here:

  • Street Art
  • Coffee cafes, breaky stops, evening drinks
  • Nature
  • Architecture & infrastructure
  • The randomly inspirational

Over the next few weeks I’m going to flesh these out and hopefully give you the same inspirational feeling I get when I go looking for or fall into Art!

Cheers X

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